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Comur got its start in the early 1960s, when Mr Enzo Tonelli, the founder, being appointed production supervisor of the machine-tool department of the historical company DEMM in Porretta Terme, had the simple but great idea of starting up his own activity of rebuild and remanufacture of used gear machinery.

From the small shop where he together with  2 or 3 collaborators were performing a few  maintenance and repair jobs in behalf of DEMM, Enzo has reached the goal of involving both his son Adolfo, who is presently COMUR’s Director, and recently Adolfo’s son,  Matteo, into the business.
At present COMUR employs 25 skilled technicians, who have brought the Company’s expertise up to its actual top quality levels.

With a history dating to 1962, COMUR has gained an outstanding experience in the remanufacture and retrofit of machine tools,  and nowadays is a benchmark for the global gear tool industry, with hundreds of machines serviced in Europe and all over the world. We take pride in the top quality of products bearing our brand.