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COMUR SrL is a leader within the world-wide machine-tool market, highly specialized in the manufacture of gear-making machines, providing special tooling and fixtures for any kind of application. After more than 50 year experience in the remanufacture and retrofit of machine tools, COMUR SrL has become a benchmark for the global gear tool industry, with hundreds of machines serviced in Europe and all over the world. We take pride in the top quality of products bearing our brand.



Our manufacturing approach focuses on the highest quality and accuracy that can be achieved by combining new technology with the superior characteristics of traditional cast iron structures, to which we apply  a wide variety of brand new components and equipments.
The results is a mixture between tradition, research and innovation, past, present and future. We pick up the best from all  to service the best.

Spare Parts & Service


COMUR SrL operating Customer service team assures  a full-time assistance, including on-site  installation, training and commissioning; our very knowledgeable staff are always available for technical support, troubleshooting, maintenance and Customer advice.
We also have a large in-house  stock of spare parts for all our serviced machines, ready for delivery.